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Halloween 2021 update

What to say, progress is ongoing though a bit slow for many reasons. Thus far in 2021 the following has occured:

  • Bought new land. 6.5 acres of rolling, fully wooded (mostly oak and other hardwoods) land which fortunately or unfortunately has a power line & easement through the middle of it. Bad because it forces me to break the land pretty much in half for some uses, fortunately because it's a 30 foot wide path already cleared which I'm attempting to turn into the primary driveway or entryway to the property.

  • There has also been a lot of sapling clearing on the front part of the property, enough that I can actually use a walk behind brush mower to "mow" as well as in many places drive a side-by-side through if needed.

  • I've started clearing one corner that is more or less west / northwest facing which may become the initial "home" garden and eventual location of the permanant living structure. Orientation isn't perfect or even the best on the property for a well designed passive solar structure, but I'm trying to save the best solar locations for what I hope to be the commercial growing space. With 6.5 acres, I'm sure I can find good enough locations for solar panels, solar hot water and the home garden.

  • Next, an approx 20x20 metal carport has been dismantled from the Marion garden location and erected as the first structure at the new location, and I've even placed a firepit (ok ok, it's a 300 pound steel tractor rim) out front to warm up at, maybe some healthy hot dogs if that's possible, dispose of some of the waste wood etc.

  • First attempt at sawing lumber from trees I've felled with a chainsaw. Some new bits and bobs enroute to correct a mistake in my ordering and such, but, I've at least cut a slab and improving the setup to make more. Why by pine and softwood lumber, when I can mill and make oak and hardwood.

  • And just today I ordered some bags of shitake and winecap mushroom spawn to innoculate logs (shitake) and wood chips (winecap) hopefully even get a few in the spring or next fall. Just another use for the wood I will inevitably be removing to make room for the gardens, structures and more food bearing trees.

There's a lot more going on in the details, behind the scenes and just whenever I can get there to do the work.

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