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Divorcing Social Media

On the one hand, I've divorced at least one major social media platform, while remaining on a second (videos), or should I say I traded FB for two others; Freesteading, and Abundance+.

The short reason is, I was spending way too much time on the one, often checking my phone frequently when I should have been fully on the task at hand, and, it just brought out the most negative in me. Much like some "friends", to be healthy, and have a positive enough attitude that anyone is even willing to be near you, sometimes, there must be a culling.

Consider it. If any social media is being effective, as evidenced by a need to frequently and repeatedly check it, especially when you should be attending to the events or people physically near you, it's a problem, and the first step, in all 12 step programs, is to admit to yourself and another person that you are powerless over (insert addiction).

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