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Child Holding Fresh Produce

Welcome to Hippocrates' Garden LLC

Let Food be thy medicine

Hippocrates' Garden LLC is a Permaculture-based, regenerative, and experimental diversified farm and garden on 6.5 acres in Poinsett County Arkansas.

The Garden Program

Supporting Edible Education

At Hippocrates' Garden LLC we seek to grow and teach others to grow healthy, chemical-free food using appropriate technologies. We also will be active in experimenting with sustainable and regenerative building, growing, living techniques, and technologies.

Vegetable Picking

Fruitful Farming

With our Garden Programs, We seek to learn and teach how to grow and raise a wide variety of nutritional food.

Home Gardening

Healthy Eating

Our Garden Program deeply cares about the interests of our neighbors. We emphasize the importance of environmental awareness. Click below to learn more about our goals.